Organic Rioja Wines


Bodegas Jalón is a small family run bodega that exclusively elaborates high quality wine from our own 6 ha of vineyards. The vines are nurtured with exceptional care and the soil treated with organic matter only, free from herbicides and other chemical synthetic products.

Our vineyards have an average age of 30 years and are located between 460 and 500 meters of altitude in the Iregua Valley. From a geological point of view, we are within the scope of the Ebro valley depression, dominated, in general, by clays, sandstones and conglomerates of the Quaternary, with some gypsum and predominantly clay marl. The area has a type Mediterranean continental climate with little rainfall and extreme temperatures.

Our wines are certified organic, meet strictly with all European Union normative (regulation 2092/91), belong to the Denomination of Origin Qualified Rioja and are elaborated from selected Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano grape varieties organically grown and harvest at the right time of ripeness.

The Denomination of Origin Qualified Rioja establishes which grape varieties can be cultivated and the allowed maximum yields. The major native grapes varieties exclusive to the Rioja region are Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano.

Bodegas Jalón offers crianza and reserva wines under the brand names of Peña Aldera and Lamiturri.

Certificación ecológica - Bodegas Jalón
Elaboration process


The wine has been elaborated separating the stems from the crushed grapes and given it longer time in vats with continuous control extractions of the grape skins to maximise distinctive aromas as well as stable and tasteful polyphenols that will ensure a great colour and a longer life.
The storing and fermentation has taken place in stainless-steel vats were temperature is automatically control, never surpassing 28 degrees centigrade with the purpose of providing the wine with a better fermentation bouquet.

The wine has been kept in stainless steel vats and racked several times before going into oak casks for ageing.

The crianza was kept for a minimum of 12 months in American oak casks and reserva a minimum of 24 months. Afterwards the wine is placed in stainless steel temperature control vats as to maintain its freshness and intense flavours, then bottled when it reached best levels of fullness, complexity, roundness and finesse.

Crianza and reserva


PEÑA ALDERA Crianza 2017

PEÑA ALDERA Crianza 2021

Aged in oak barriques for 22 months.

  • Grape varieties: Tempranillo 80%, Graciano 20%
  • Alcohol in Vol. %: 15
  • Residual sugar g/l: < 2,3
  • Acidity g/l: 5,29
  • Yield hl/ha: 43

No fined. Suitable for vegans.

PEÑA ALDERA Reserva 2010

PEÑA ALDERA Reserva 2019

Aged in oak barriques for 24 months.

  • Grape varieties: Tempranillo 90%, Graciano 5%, Mazuelo 5%
  • Alcohol in Vol. %: 15
  • Residual sugar g/l: < 1,3
  • Acidity g/l: 5,0
  • Yield hl/ha: 42

No fined. Suitable for vegans.

PEÑA ALDERA Reserva 2010

PEÑA ALDERA Gran Reserva 2011

  • Grape varieties: Tempranillo 85%, Graciano 15%
  • Alcohol in Vol. %: 15
  • Residual sugar g/l: 2,6
  • Acidity g/l: 4,64
  • Yield hl/ha: 40

No fined. Suitable for vegans.

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